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Doodling has always been one of my best friends. Whenever i am feeling low, or facing a creative block, I doodle. But I never really compile them, as I came to actually realize their worth pretty late. While rereading my first post today, I realized what I have lost in past so many years… my compilation of ideas. The original works that my mind comes up with, every now and then. And hence, the search for all that lost work started. Out of hundreds and thousands of such doodles, I could only find a handful. So keeping up my long made promise of sharing ideas, here I am posting them.


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So here I am… blogging. Finally. After 3 years in graphics and web designing, it was increasingly becoming impossible to avoid the inevitable.

Sharing is the keyword that smoothly binds internet and knowledge, and what better way of sharing knowledge than blogging. Everyday we come across so many old and new things in life, both real and virtual, and each day is a day of new inspirations. Sometimes we loose these inspirational moments in the heebees and jeebies of work. There is a better way. Share these moments, and they will remain. In fact sharing can also help find new possibilities for these unaddressed ideas.

I am basically a graphic designer, that’s my bread and butter. But apart from designing there are a lot of different aspects of my life. And boy, do they affect my work…and how!

I believe very tiny little thing in our life affects our work. But whether they affect it positively or negatively is completely in our hands. When I am feeling low, I design. When I face a creative block, I doodle, when i am feeling happy… I Party!   🙂

But these little things, I bury them away under a pile of papers, or in some remote file on my computer. But there is a lot that I can gain or derive from them. How? By brooding over it? By staring at it? HOW?

Simplest answer to that question that comes to my mind is: by Sharing it. By asking people fro their opinion, their ideas. So yes, here I am…blogging. Blogging to share not only my work, but also what i found somewhere on the web.

Looking forward to an amazing journey of sharing information and Ideas.


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